Five Common Mistakes In Pay Per Call Marketing

It is a beauty if pay per call advertising marketing is done properly. It is a money-making tactic if not succumbed to these common mistakes.

· Mobile affiliates should do some homework; have thorough understanding of offer before targeting the customer.

· The most efficient mobile affiliates are those who understand their customers and their needs. Always there should be differentiation between sales and inquiry. The best strategy is to think like a customer.

· Test and recheck your strategy. This will point out the flaws which can further be optimized to give better clientele. Each campaign should be a learning opportunity or else, it becomes waste of money.

· Along with target audience, make sure you have the right offer too. Work on what will appeal to your customers and target the right audience to bring in profit.

· Keep in mind that there are still customers who use WAP phones and design your ads accordingly.